Dog Figurines

"My Dogs"
Pictured below are examples of the many wonderfully sculptured dog figurines in our “My Dog” series.  These Canine sculptures attempt to depict the selected breed as they are so often viewed by their human master. 

Border Collie   Basset Hound


Listed below are the 
"My Dogs" Now available!06/29/98
Click On The Highlighted Breeds to See a Picture
Approximate Size 7"- 9"
DFL38 Airedale
DFL-55B Akita (Fawn)
DFL-55A Akita (Gray)
DFL-37 Basset Hound
DLF-61 Bernese Mountain Dog
DFL-14 Beagle
DFL-29 Bichon Frise
DFL-62 Border Collie
DFL-12 Boston Terrier
DFL-33A Boxer 
DFL-33C Boxer (Brindle)
DFL-33B Boxer (Tawny)
DFL-05A Bulldog
DFL-06B Chihuahua (White/Tan)
DFL-21B Chow (Red)
DFL-15B Cocker Spaniel  (Black)
DFL-15C Cocker Spaniel  (Blond)
DFL-23B Collie (Red/Black/White)
DFL-23A Collie (Sable)
DFL-19B Dachshund (Black/Tan)
DFL-19A Dachshund (Red)
DFL-02 Dalmatian
DFL-25A Doberman (Black/Tan)
DFL-25B Doberman (Red)
DFL-08D German Shepherd (Black)
DFL-08B German Shepherd (Black/Silver)
DFL-08A German Shepherd (Tan/Black)
DFL-08C German Shepherd (White)
DFL-09 Golden Retriever
DFL-16B Great Dane (Fawn)
DFL-54D Greyhound (Tan)
DFL-17A Husky (Black/White) Blue Eyes
DFL-17B Husky (Black/White) Brown Eyes
DFL-17C Husky (Red/White) Blue Eyes
DFL-105D Jack Russell (Blk/Wh)
DFL-105B Jack Russell (Blk/Wh)
DFL-105C Jack Russell (Brn/Wh)
DFL-105A Jack Russell (Brn/Wh)
DFL-24A Labrador Retriever (Black)
DFL-24C Labrador Retriever (Chocolate)
DFL-24B Labrador Retriever (Yellow)
DFL-10A Lhasa Apso (Gray)
DFL-34 Maltese
DFL-30 Newfoundland
DFL-36 Pekingese
DFL-106B Pointer (Black/White)
DFL-106A Pointer (Brown/White)
DFL-03B Pomeranian (Black)
DFL-03A Pomeranian (Cream)
DFL-104A Poodle (White)
DFL-18B Pug (Black)
DFL-18A Pug (Brown)
DFL-109 Rat Terrier
DFL-11 Rottweiler
DFL-31 Saint Bernard
DFL-39 Samoyed
DFL-103B Schnauzer (Gray)
DFL-42 Scottish Terrier
DFL-40A Shar-Pei (Brown)
DFL-20A Sheltie, Sable (Available September 98)
DFL-26D Shih Tzu, (Black/White)
DFL-51A Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
DFL-43 West Highland Terrier
DFL-04 Yorkshire Terrier

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